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Optimising Oral Function: The Role of Osteopathy in Pre and Post-Lingual Frenectomy

Nov 27, 2023


In this week’s blog, we delve into the integral role of Osteopathy, or "bodywork," in Ankyloglossia—specifically, its application both before and after lingual frenectomy. Dr Reena Murray and the experienced team at Completely Aligned stand out due to their innovative approach, seamlessly integrating Osteopathy and Lactation support within a singular clinic and often during the same consultation. This distinctive methodology is facilitated by a team of dual-trained practitioners, proficient in Osteopathy and Lactation, all recognised as International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC).


Understanding Osteopathy in Frenectomy:

Osteopathy, a holistic manual therapy emphasising the interconnectedness of the body's structures and functions, plays a pivotal role in pre and post-lingual frenectomy. The osteopath's primary role involves promoting optimal oral function through the application of gentle manual techniques to reduce tension and increase range of motion. By addressing tension and restrictions in the tissues surrounding the oral frenula, Osteopaths can contribute to heightened mobility and overall well-being. In this field, our Osteopaths have established themselves as a valuable component in the comprehensive care of infants undergoing frenectomies.

Collaborative Care Between Osteopaths and IBCLCs:

At Completely Aligned in Camden, the seamless collaboration and expertise of our dual-trained Osteopaths and IBCLCs ensure comprehensive support for both mothers and infants. This collaborative care approach addresses not only the physical aspects through Osteopathy but also extends to providing comprehensive and supportive solutions to breastfeeding challenges.


Five Ways Completely Aligned Camden Facilitates Integrated Care:


Accurate Diagnosis:

  • Leveraging expertise in Osteopathy and Lactation consulting, our dual-trained practitioners ensure meticulous assessments for diagnoses. This collaborative effort considers the unique needs of both mother and baby, laying the foundation for targeted and effective treatment plans.

Gentle Osteopathic Treatment:

  • The non-invasive Osteopathic techniques applied at Completely Aligned Camden are tailored to the delicate needs of infants undergoing pre and post-lingual frenectomy. This nuanced approach positively impacts both breastfeeding and overall oral health.

Education and Support:

  • Recognising the pivotal role of IBCLCs in guiding new mothers, our care extends beyond treatment, providing comprehensive education and support. This includes information on feeding techniques, exercises to enhance tongue mobility, and practical tips for optimal oral development.

Collaborative Approach:

  • The practitioners at Completely Aligned foster collaboration not only among themselves but also with healthcare providers and other professionals. This ensures a seamless and comprehensive approach to pre and post-lingual frenectomy care, acknowledging the multifaceted nature of infant health.

Long-Term Management:

  • Our model of care extends beyond immediate treatment. Collaboration with families and providers, ongoing support and progress monitoring are prioritised, focusing on long-term management for sustained benefits for both mother and baby.


 At Completely Aligned, we emphasise the value of supporting the breastfeeding dyad. The seamless integration of Osteopathy with Lactation support by our dual-trained practitioners offers a comprehensive approach to pre and post-lingual frenectomy care. For those seeking support for their baby's oral health, we extend an invitation to experience the unique and holistic care provided by Dr. Reena Murray and the team at Completely Aligned in Camden.



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