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Embracing the Realities of Breastfeeding: Navigating the Journey with Dr. Reena Murray

lactation Aug 18, 2023
Early breastfeeding

We've all been captivated by those picturesque images flooding our social media feeds – the radiant mothers cradling their adorable newborns, sharing in the intimate bond of breastfeeding. Yet, seldom do these images portray the mother who, at 2 am, finds herself frantically searching for breastfeeding tips, her weary eyes struggling to soothe a little one who just won't latch.

It's a natural assumption that breastfeeding will seamlessly follow the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. However, let's remember, your precious baby is embarking on a journey of sensory discovery, and learning to feed is just one captivating aspect. While the instinct to nourish is ingrained, the execution can often leave mothers pondering, "How can something so inherent be so remarkably tough?"

Allow me to share with you five recurring sentiments about breastfeeding, ones that I frequently encounter as a Lactation Consultant:

  1. "It's Painful"

Though our bodies are masterfully designed to nurture our offspring, the early stages often come with discomfort. The near-constant feeding can render your once-untouched nipples tender and sore. Hitches such as improper latch, lengthy feeds, and tongue-tie can usher in cracks, bleeding, or even infections like thrush and mastitis, amplifying the challenge of this new journey.

  1. "It's a Challenge"

Much like any new skill, breastfeeding demands patience and practice. It's a dance between mother and baby, a symphony requiring harmonious coordination. There are instances where everything aligns effortlessly, but more often than not, it takes dedication, and that's perfectly normal.

  1. "It's Time-Consuming"

Oh, yes, indeed! Especially during the initial weeks, it might seem like your little one is perpetually connected to your breast. However, if this pattern persists, it could signal that adjustments are needed for a smoother experience.

  1. "It's Messy"

Embrace the messiness, particularly in the early stages. Your breasts might leak, prompting you to adorn pads (a scenario you likely never anticipated before pregnancy!).

  1. "It's Stressful"

Absolutely, it can be quite a stressor. Balancing post-birth recovery, sleep deprivation, and the quest to nurture and nourish can be incredibly demanding – some might argue, the most challenging role of all.

If these sentiments have escaped your lips, rest assured, you're not alone. Recent studies have illuminated that merely 15% of Australian mothers exclusively breastfeed their babies at the five-month mark.

Support is at your fingertips. Lactation consultants stand ready to guide you and your baby toward comfort and contentment, aiding you in embracing one of life's most incredible chapters.

As a mother of two, I've traversed the precious yet intricate path of breastfeeding. You needn't forfeit the elation and splendor of parenthood. I am here to equip and support you, facilitating your journey to raise your child with poise and confidence.

Yours in this shared journey, Dr. Reena Murray

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